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Trading is a risky and often expensive adventure for beginners. Without a lot of knowledge and dicipline it is almost impossible to be profitable long term. It’s important to learn what to do, and what NOT to do.

Social trading is automatically copying professional traders.

Automated trading put’s the algorithms to work to trade for you!

Day Trading is trading yourself on lower timeframes.

Frequently used trading indicators and strategies are explained here!

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Why tradingTrench?


I’m Tom,

I’ve been interested in (copy) trading for a couple of years now and from this point out I will keep track of my copy trading results by posting this on TradingTrench.

Trading, cryptocurrency and online marketing have been my key interests the last few years. 

On TradingTrench I hope to combine these interests and share ideas on how to make some money on the side online. 

I’m interested to see how the copy and automated trading will perform, and eager to test out how the AI-generated content in my blog will perform in search engines.

I hope you’ll enjoy this project as much as I do.

Kind regards,


When Copy Trading or Social Trading you follow and copy trading positions of experts or other (professional) traders.

Copy Trading platforms are like social media where every trader has their own profile. By following this profile you automatically do exactly the same as they do.

Automated trading involves algorithms which have been programmed to open and close trades based on a pre-programmed “trading-plan”. 

These automated trading systems can stick to their pre-determined trading-plans without emotions, which can make them highly profitable.

Automated trading algorithm
Day trading charts

Day trading means buying and selling any financial instrument on the same day. Day traders try to use the change price movements in volatile markets to gain profits in shorter timeframes. When day traders stick to their plan it is possible to make a lot of profit in a few hours.

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