Legitimate online typing jobs

Legitimate online typing jobs

Writing and or typing takes time and are high in demand. Websites require content to be written all the time and will often resort to freelancers. Writing online articles, blogs, descriptions, titles or even transcribing can be a decent way to earn extra money online. In this article I’ll explain what you can write, where you can offer your online writing services, and sources with advice on writing.

Write online: online typing jobs

Writing and typing jobs from home!

Article writing jobs is one form of simple out that allows you to earn some money. You write articles to earn a little extra money and sit in the comfort of your house. No hassle from moving from one location to another and no transportation cost. You only have to dedicate energy and a little time to earn some cash! The benefit of a writing job that is freelancing is that you can work at your own sweet will. There’s no fixed work schedule. No obligatory timings and strict working hours. You take a seat to compose you can find some time.

You might take a nap in between, as it is your house. This makes the job less tiring for you and since there is no working hour intervals can be written in by you. A from house writing job is a way to earn some money. It is a will type of occupation with clauses that are working and no rules. You do not need a workplace or do you need to sign any contract.

So what can you write?

Product descriptions

What is a product description?
A product description is the marketing text used to describe a product’s benefits and advantages to potential customers. A well-written product description provides customers with information about its features, problems, benefits and resolves and other barriers to help generate a sale.

Where can I write a product description?

Fiverr is the best way to start typing product descriptions.

Upwork is another website where it’s possible to sell product descriptions.​

An example product description:

Example product description

website content

What is website content?

Website content is the text on a website that provides the basis of a website and what is it about. Writing all site content can take a lot of time, many website-owners outsource this process to content writers as they now how to apply search engine optimization tactics.

Where can I write website content?

Fiverr is the best way to start typing website content.

Upwork is another website where it’s possible to sell website content.​

Articles and blog posts

What are articles and blog posts?

Article writing is writing a piece of content about a subject. A blog post is this written article published in a blog format. Blogs are popular among brands and websites to engage with their audience. Blog writing is often outsourced by websites and makes for a good work from home gig.

Where can I write articles/blog posts?

Fiverr is the best way to start typing article/blog posts.

Iwriter is a good website as well.

Upwork is another website where it’s possible to sell article/blog posts.


What are e-books?

E-books are electronic versions of a printed book and can be read on a computer, phone or e-reader. E-books are often about 1 subject and can be short or long.

Where can I write ebooks?

Fiverr is the best way to start typing ebooks.

Upwork is another website where it’s possible to sell article/blog posts.​

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