How To Make Money Ebay

Everyone knows Ebay, it’s been around for a long time and was one of the first online marketplaces. Nowadays pretty much everyone bought something there. Like every market place it is possible to make money on the side selling things on Ebay. But how?

How to make money on Ebay

Can The Small Guy Make Money? I get this question a lot and it’s 3 answers: Yes, no and maybe. Let us see which one applies to you. There is undoubtedly that it is much tougher for the person operating out of their house to earn money on eBay now than it was a few years ago. Once I began on eBay in 1999, eBay had been a license to print money. A small man like me or you can sell nearly anything and earn money. As far as finding product to sell you could source yard sale or purchase surplus and overstocked products from hundreds of traders.

Today, however, several of these same traders that are now sell the same items on eBay in the same cost they used to sell to me. You might still find some overstock traders who can provide product, but they’re fewer. There is also competition on today. Today there are over one thousand large businesses with workers, warehouses and innovative supply systems competing for the eBay bidder. So if you wish to earn money on eBay, you need to use a number of approaches.

3 Ways to earn money on Ebay


Three Approaches to earn money on eBay – So what’s the small man to do? There are 3 basic approaches to always making money on eBay today. There might be more, but I know these 3 work, because I’ve done them and in fact still do them. Earn Money on eBay by Selling Used Goods – The first strategy to earn money on eBay It’s to sell used goods including products vintage, antiques and collectibles. The difficulty of finding goods makes this a difficult area for large businesses.

In the highest end of the used market are artwork, antiques, collectibles and rare books. About a month before I had been writing this article, we attended a small town auction in Mt. Vernon, Washington. There were some other advertising items selling at the exact same auction that I didn’t bid on. They were very clever fakes, repros as they’re known in the trade. The point to tell you this is that I can spot them, but you may not be capable to unless you’d the experience and knowledge. The lesson here’s that you do not want to go in an area you know nothing about. However in the event you do have experience in any particular field of art, antiques, collectibles, stamps, coins, or rare books, then this is an ideal, and reasonably simple, way to construct a profitable Ebay business. You do not have to work in antiques and collectibles.

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