8 Online jobs for college students to work from home

Working from home is not as hard as it seems.  Online jobs, service marketplaces and maintenance jobs for companies are evywhere, if you know where to look! To help you get started I listed 8 ideas you can do from home!

8 online jobs for students to work from home

1. Online Tutor

You’re in school, and learning, you might as well put that knowledge to use ando earn money on the side helping individuals who don’t understand specific topics!

Useful tools: Tutor.com and wyzant.

Tutor.com is one the top web sites for online tutoring where you may get paid. Wyzant is a direct competitor to Tutor.com. In addition, they help you get paid to coach individuals on various subjects.

2. Search Engine Evaluator

Lookup engines such as google, Yahoo, and Bing have much going on in the background to remain operational they need people to help them fix errors or problems that come up. 

Useful tools: Leapforce and Lionbridge.
Leapforce can help you find tasks associated with helping search engines. Lionbridge is another site that will help you become an internet search engine evaluator.

3. Freelance Writer or Editor

In case you are fantastic in locating or writing grammar problems in posts, then you might do one of those in the form of freelancing. Businesses will not be able to replace good authors with robots anytime soon, unlike pretty much every other occupation.

Helpful resources: Problogger and Fiverr.

Problogger includes a job board specializing in web copywriting and blogging positions only. This list shows you hundreds of brands that can pay you $50 or more per post you write for them. 

5. Social Media Manager

Nowadays everyone has 1 or 2 social networking accounts and are familiar with how others work. On Fiverr, you can create a gig and offer these services!

Useful tools: Hootsuite

6. PowerPoint Presentation Designer

Believe it or not, PowerPoint remains circulating and being utilized in a lot of areas. You could do designs for individuals using PowerPoint presentations for YouTube videos, business meetings, speeches, etc.

Helpful resources: Visme, Fiverr

Visme is a great web site that can help you design infographics, PowerPoints, along with other presentations using templates with a drag and drop interface. Google Slides is just like a free version of Microsoft PowerPoint that you may get access to by having a Gmail account. 

7. Product, Software, and App Testing

Thousands of new products seem to come out every day. What you might not realize is the products typically get tested extensively before being made available to the public. Thats where you come in.

Helpful resources: UserTesting

UserTesting is among top platforms I advocate for getting paid to test products, applications, and more.

8. Data Entry Worker

Data entry is still very much in demand because each business needs to be organized and keep track of what’s going on. This is also one of the easiest jobs on this list.

Helpful resources: Clickworker and DioData Solutions

If you wish to do data entry work online with flexible hours, Clickworker should be the website you try first. DioData Solutions is another site that can help you earn money from data entry.

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