Passive Income Ideas: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

There is saying: “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”. In my opinion this applies well to passive income. Generating passive income will compound and could serve you well while still working your day-job!

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What is passive income?

Passive income is among the best ways to make money online. Passive income is created without having to trade time for money. This differs from active income which is whenever you make money for tasks performed or when you’re paid for time spent working. Before the creation of the world wide web, the only passive revenue models available were renting out homes (real estate) and investing in the stock market. Now the amount of passive revenue opportunities has exploded and there is nearly a lot of models to choose from. 

Luckily, one advantage of passive income is that you might use numerous different passive income models to make multiple income streams. This is also a fantastic way to increase your income streams so if one of them fails, you will still have other revenue to rely on. It does takes a few initial work to receive your passive income company ready to go. The pleasure of passive income however is that once you begin and they are earning money, you can then concentrate your attention on more essential things like school, household or after school activities, while you continue to earn cash on the side. 

Passive income examples

Given that you know just what passive revenue is, here are some online passive income examples to choose from! An easy way to earn passive revenue is to begin a blog, generate traffic and put advertisements on the website. Every time a visitor clicks an ad, you make money. Some keywords earn more in ad than others so it’s best to research higher paid keywords before setting out to start a blog with this monetization method in mind. The reason why online advertising is passive income is since these advertising networks do all the hard work for you by finding the advertisers, picking the advertisements, keeping track of the clicks and after that sending you your money. 

Some popular advertisements networks are:

  • Google Adsense
  • Chitika
  • BuySellAds

Media Revenue sharing sites are an effective way to make passive income through online advertisements without needing to own a blog or website. These sites enable you to post an article on nearly all topics and, if the article gets a lot of traffic, you make money each time a visitor clicks on an ad. 

Revenue sharing sites are considered passive revenue because they do virtually all the work for you by providing the traffic, promoting the site, keeping track of the clicks and sending you your cash.

Here are a few popular revenue sharing sites:

  • Triond
  • Hubpages
  • Snipsly
  • Bukisa

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate internet marketing is whenever you promote another company product, usually on a blog or website, and earn a commission for every sale that you make.

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